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About Us

Rewardz Ng is a community of peer to peer network where members are united together in a common goal to assist and provide financial supports for other community member who is in need at a particular point in time. However, no member can receive help from the community when they do not pledge any help. Rewardz Ng has no central account where members’ monies are being channelled. It’s a platform designed voluntarily that allows community members consciously pay and receive donations directly from one another in order to help meet their various financial purposes. Rewards is absolutely not illegal, it is a form of mutual benefit process where participants take their liberty of choice to help or get helped a peer to peer form without any regulatory measure. On this note, it is advisable for community members to participate only with their spare cash.


About honesty, it is important to underline, that Rewardz NG will not cheat, extort and abuse anyone. In other words, the community is not established to cheat or defraud anybody in any case! Everyone is informed about the possible and impossible risks that may be attached for being involved. Therefore, members are fully expected from the get go to see the underlying and possible risk, pre-informed and transparently guided against any eventuality before joining.

NOTE: This Platform has been designed to last forever, with the implemented features that enforce all participants to remain active at all time... We embark on various investment projects and have strong financial backing to ensure there sustainable influx of cash available in our system. It therefore guarantees more safety and protection to all participants of Rewardz Ng.