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Working Mechanism

After your registration, you will be required to pay a one time membership verification token of Two Thousand Naira (₦2,000) which will be equally divided and paid to both the System Administrator and the upline or person who referred you to join our community (i.e: you will pay ₦1,000 to the admin and the other ₦1,000 goes to the upline or person who invited you to join) - Also note that this is the same way you will be earning ₦1,000 on each of the downlines you invite to register on too using your registered email address or unique referral link that will be assigned to you upon your successfull registration.

As you can see; your chance of earning cool and easy money in this community is unlimited, simply by promoting the site using your email or unique referrer link for others to join/register. This ₦1,000 incentive is not inclusive with the other referrer bonuses that you are entitled to earn.

However, if you were not referred by any one, you are to pay the whole ₦2,000 to a single admin account, the admin fee/token is put in place in order to help us manage the system and keep it in a pepetual operations... Keep in mind that the system will automatically block any member who's verification token is not captured 48 hours after registration.


You are to declare a willingness to invest with any amount (from ₦1,000 to ₦200,000) you wish to lend out to a fellow participant in the community. Subsequently, you will be merged by the system to complete the payment to any available participant waiting to receive help.

Your investment will be fixed in the system for a minimum of seven (7 days); after day 7, a green button will appear on your account dashboard to request for your both capital and profit in return from the community. You will get paid with interest of 30% of your invested capital in not more than 5minutes to 6hours from the time you post your cashout request.

Before your cashout request could be granted, you will be mandated to pay a 100% recommitment fee or more which will automatically serve as your next investment that will also mature for cashout over the next 7 days... There is no deadline time for making your recommitment pledge, it can be pledged at any convenient time you want. But have it at the back of your mind that without completing your recommitment payment, the system will not grant your previous cashout request until you fully pay up your 100% recommitment.

Note: Your recommitment payment will serve as your next investment which is also fixed for a period of 7days and starts growing automatically from the very first day the payment was captured.

The system is designed to allow members monitor and keep track of their investment profits as they grow. This will let everyone to have an overview of his/her estimated profit as it accumulates on their account dashboard. Rewardz NG platform is highly transparent and flexible to all members.

Features & Terminologies

  • Verification Token - As a new members, you are expected to pay a membership verification plus upline/sponsor fee of ₦2000 (Upline + Admin) and this must be paid in no later than 48 hours after completing your registration.

  • Return On Investment (ROI) - This is the current total amount earned on every investment.

  • Cashout Day (CD) - This is a day that all accumulated bonuses are paid out or added to a participant's ROI

  • Donation Circle (DC) - This is a period when all the required donation requests have been duly completed by the participant.

  • Donation Circle (DC) - This is a period when all the required donation requests have been duly completed by the participant.

  • Fixed Days (FD) - These are the fixed days in between day 1 and 7 when payments are not ready or matured.

  • Maturity - This is a day when all benefits and ROI are matured for withdrawal.


Subsequently, any member who has completed his/her Donation Circle (DC) and assisted in meeting the need of other members will continue to be rewarded with a profit of 30%, within a period of every 7 days.

Let's make a simple case study with Jacob who invests with Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000): He'll wait a minimum of 7-10 days to receive a sum of Thirteen Thousand Naira (₦13,000). Before he'll be given his ₦13,000, he has to pay up another ₦10,000 (100% recommitment), this will serve as his next investment pledge and it can be paid up at anytime before the current one will be matured and ready to be received (There is no time restrictions in paying up recommitment/reinvestment). After fulfilling his recommitment pledge, Jacob will permanently be receiving a sum of Fourteen Thousand Naira (₦13,000) from the system on every recycle, within 7 days interval. That is: N10,000 Investment + 3,000 (30% ROI).

Now with Twenty Thousand Naira (Current & Recommitment pledge), Jacob will continuously earn ₦3,000 on every 7 days. The contract ends/terminates when Jacob earns a total profit of 40% of the sum of his commitment, recommitment and upgrades made paid so far.

Referral Bonus

A member who refers another person will earn 5% referral bonus on any amount invested by his/her first downline generations, 3% on the second and 2% on the third. We pay referral bonuses from the first level of downlines down to the third generations.



It is the loss or giving up of something as a penalty for wrongdoing.


We have noticed that most members wait until the last day of their cash-out before pushing the recommitment button - this can be unhealthy for the system, hence the management has decided to introduce the forfeiture policy.


From all indication, Forfeiture is the maximum penalty/price any member can pay for defaulting in the following areas:

Please take note that FORFEITURE POLICY is put in place to eliminate defaulters in Rewardz NG community... If you need more clarification, you can talk to us on live chat support, WhatsApp or send a private chat to any of our Admins on our Telegram channel.


After receiving your first full payment, you are expected to recommit within 48 hours from the payment was received. If you don't, your account will be forfeited and all your current/pending transactions will automatically go into a RESET MODE by default.

Let us assume you paid out ₦10,000 today, you are expected to receive a cash-out of ₦13,000 in the next 7 days, therefore your recommitment should come 2 days (48hours) after your cash-out, so as to enable you cash-out/receive again in the next day 7.

In any case, if you do not pledge your recommitment before the stipulated period of time, your transactions will be forfeited, meaning that your ₦13,000 and the rest will no longer be valid for cash-out In this case, you will now have to start all over afresh again.


Due to the fact that our community had experienced the issue of fake POP more often in the recent times. The penalty for uploading a fake POP after due investigation has been carried out is automatic Forfeiture.


Any member who is merged to pay and uploads a fake POP, his/her account will be instantly blocked by the management. However, when he/she defaulted in making the payment, the account will be automatically suspended by the system. A participant who has been suspended more than twice will have his or her account automatically blocked by the system which will then lead to account Forfeiture.

If you need more clarification, you can contact us on live chat or private chat any of the admins on Telegram

Pause & Time Extension Button

A Payer/Donor can choose to cancel or pause a transaction for a maximum period of 48 hours if unable to raise the fund or the meet up with the payment deadline within the stipulated time.

Pause/Cancel: A member can request to pause his/her payment by using the PAUSE button if for some reason he/she cannot meet up paying up their balance before he/she will be paired to pay. The PAUSE must be requested before the matching would take place and once a transaction is paused, all investment profits will automatically stop accumulating on the transaction and discontinue to grow until the given grace/pause time elapses... The application of PAUSE button can only be allowed or used once a per transaction donation circle.

The pause Time should be used with digression so as to avoid Forfeiture catching up with you.

Grace Time: Each donor is given 24 hours grace period to fulfil his/her voluntary contribution to other members whenever they are matched.

To help avoid your payer/donor's account from being frozen or banned by the system when they are not able to meet up with the payment, receiver/beneficiary can at his/her own discretion consider helping the payer to extend the timer for a maximum period of 24 hours.


Trustees play an important role in Rewardz community. In many cases, our trustees help keep this community in a pepetual flow of operation and this serves in the best interest of everyone benefiting from this community.

We always appreciate the efforts of every member who gives his/her relentless support to the growth and expansion of Rewardz Ng community. Members who aspire to be in any of our Trustee Levels (TL) are greatly rewarded.

There are four levels of Trustees/leaderships in Rewardz Ng community and they are as follow:

  • Anchor - This is a compulsary level for every participant who is willing to continue to be in Rewardz Ng beneficiary list, it will help accelerate his/her chance of being in the system's permanent and weekly ROI cashout members. A minimum of 2 direct donlines are required to complete an anchor level trustee.
  • Director - Any rewardz member who has 15 direct active downlines are promoted to the position of Director. The effort of the Director is rewarded with 10% of all first-generation donations and 3% of all second-generation donations.
  • Manager - This is a position for any community member who has successfully produced up to 30 active direct downlines. The effort of the Manager is rewarded with 10% of all first-generation donations, 5% of all second-generation donations and 3% of third generation donations
  • Ambassador - Any community member who has raised 50 active direct downlines has attained the position of An Ambassador. An Ambassador position is rewared 10% of all first-generation donations, 5% of all second-generation donations, 3% of third generation donations and 2% of 4th generation donations.